House washing is not for everyone. It is a job that requires professional tools, skills and expertise. As such, for anyone to handle the task, he or she must be well versed with not only the technique and technical knowledge about the work but also with the tools and solutions used. Watching videos can give you some tips and tricks but what will help the most is experience, and our technicians have many years of experience washing houses in Perkinston. They know which approach to take to ensure the safety of your siding, whether it’s vinyl, shake, T1-11, lap, or any other material. They also know which settings to use on their equipment to ensure that if any of those materials are painted, no damage comes to it.

Some house surfaces are stronger than others. And that sometimes helps us decide the method of house washing to be deployed when on the job. Basically, there are two best methods of house washing. One is power washing and the other is soft washing. Both are effective and can help bring shine back to your house. However, one is more appropriate for delicate siding. Of the common questions that homeowners in Perkinston ask about the two methods, the most popular has always been about which to use.

Generally soft washing your siding with a mild detergent is the appropriate method. It is applied to your house and gently breaks down contaminants. It is then rinsed with a low pressure, high volume of water. These detergents aren’t something you can just grab off the shelf at your local hardware store.

Some types of siding (aluminum, concrete lap) may hold up well to higher pressures but usually this isn’t necessary or recommended. Water can get into places where it shouldn’t go, and that will only cause problems later. Let’s look at each type of washing:

  • Soft Washing: Soft washing is a house washing method which involves mild detergents and low pressure to remove the dirt, algae, or other contaminants. We use this for roofs as well. It makes use of specially formulated soaps, and different contaminants will require different soaps. If there’s algae on your house or roof, we can incorporate an algaecide. This method is good for the washing of houses’ sidings and some other delicate surfaces around a house. For professional soft washing, Soft Touch Pressure Washing is the best choice. We will handle your house as if it is our own. And that is why we are the best in Perkinston.
  • Power Washing: Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is a method of washing which uses high pressure water (and sometimes heat) to blast away dirt and grime. This method is the best method for very tough, hard surfaces, like driveways, walkways, outside floors, fences and the like. It doesn’t prevent moss or algae from coming back, and can make it worse if you introduce moisture into areas of your home that are supposed to remain dry.

Are you caught between the thoughts of which method of house washing to adopt for your house washing? Are you unsure about renting equipment or other DIY approaches? Reach out to Soft Touch Pressure Washing for a better option. In Perkinston, our company stands out among the rest. Give us a call today for a free estimate, or if you’d like to know more about our processes.

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